The Starship prototype, the spacecraft that will travel to the Moon and Mars in the future, was regularly tested

After the crew of the Crew Dragon capsule returned to Earth, SpaceX wasted no time and the tests for the development of Starship, the gigantic spaceship that according to plans will travel to the Moon and Mars in the near future, have immediately started again.

Yesterday’s was quite an important test, given the mixed results of previous tests, including a spectacular explosion in a recent pressurization test. This time the huge metal cylinder, to represent the size of the Starship but still in its raw form, took off thanks to the thrust of a single Raptor engine, the new generation of engines under development. In the final version the engines will be six.

The flight did not clearly last long, only about 150 meters above sea level, and then began a controlled descent to the surface, exactly as the initial stages of the Falcon 9 rockets already do. Future trips will in fact foresee the landing of the Starship, with subsequent takeoff to return to Earth. As seen in the video, which we publish below, the landing also happened smoothly. For this time Elon Musk can sleep soundly.