Battery supplier Samsung SDI has been a top winner for days and electric car pioneer Tesla is also showing relative strength. What inspires is not only the hope of increased electric car funding in Germany, but also a possible blessing from Europe.

EU cash hammer: New 20,000,000,000 euros for Tesla, BMW and Samsung SDI?

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung According to circulate proposals for an up to 100 billion-euro economic stimulus and climate change package in traffic. One suggestion is a purchase premium for “cleaner cars”. According to the paper, such a premium alone could be equipped with up to 20 billion euros by 2022. However, such considerations are still in the early stages. 

The SZ writes: “Even swarming the paper of vacancies, have to be added into the billions, it is likely to be part of a package that aims to present the European Commission next week..”