Faster with software: Model S Performance sets new Tesla world record on a quarter mile

The scenes are similar. On one lane, the white Tesla Model S Performance squeaks its tires discreetly warm, from which there is only a roaring noise. Then both cars roll, one quietly and one further loudly, to the start line – and then the Tesla hisses far away, while far behind it the noisy other car only sounds acoustically fast. Several of these gradually known duels in a row can now be seen in a new YouTube video. The Model S is actually his only real opponent in it – and in a way it actually defeats itself.

First drag test with new Tesla software

The current test is probably the first on a cordoned-off route since Tesla released new software for the top models Model S and Model X Performance in April . This gave them, among other things, a new “cheetah” mode for extra-fast starts: the electric cars took a crouched stance with the help of their air suspension and also received about 50 additional horsepower. Because US racetracks were closed due to the corona virus pandemic, the first attempts were made on public roads. One of them showed that Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan Turbo S are now almost on par when starting from a standing start .

Even on real drag tracks for the traditional comparison of times over a quarter of a mile (around 400 meters), the German and American electric cars will soon be dueling closely. For the time being, however, the Tesla Model S Performance updated with cheetah mode on a track in Oklahoma has now taken on a few rival rivals that, as mentioned, had no chance (and in one case even stopped). Nevertheless, the quarter-mile runs brought a spectacular result: according to another YouTuber, the fastest time in the world, which was ever driven with a Model S and probably also every other Tesla on the US short distance.

For the more than 400 meters, the Model S Performance needed 10.45 seconds after the official distance measurement and reached a top speed of around 203 kilometers per hour. According to the DragTimes channel, that’s five hundredths of a second less than the previous best. In better conditions (moderate cross wind prevailed in Oklahoma), he thinks times of 10.3 seconds are possible, says the moderator. And the owner of the tested Tesla Model S Performance has already announced in his own video that he will make some modifications for further records.