Except for the hybrid super sports car SF 90 Stradale, not much has happened at Ferrari in terms of electromobility. According to Enrico Galliera’s board of directors, a fully electric sports car is not planned in the near future either. Compared to the British industry magazine Autocar, he does what he believes is still insufficient battery technology for sports cars. These statements are surprising in that other car manufacturers are not deterred by this and are busy tinkering with their electric hypercars.

Fully electric super sports car not likely before 2025

The Italian sports car manufacturer doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to develop an electric car. Marketing director and chief executive Enrico Galliera cannot be upset by the efforts of the competition. Kia recently revealed more details about a planned high-performance Stromer, the sports car company Automobili Pininfarina is about to start with the Hypercar Battista, Tesla is already occupying the segment with the Roadster and Porsche wants 10 billion euros in the next four years pump into the hybridization, electrification and digitization of its vehicles. So the competition is on the move. 

“There are some competitors with new technologies on the market that we are watching. Can this be a problem for Ferrari? I don’t think so because Ferrari is targeting a specific niche. And will Ferrari’s interest in [electromobility, note d. Red.] Ignite the market? No. We firmly believe that battery technology is not yet advanced enough to meet the requirements of a supercar. We don’t think the technology can meet Ferrari’s needs in the next five years, ”Galliera told Autocar . 

The Italian automaker is primarily concerned with the electrification of its cars not about ecological values, but rather about establishing new technical aspects. “The key is technology. We will not simply produce an electric Ferrari for electrification purposes, ”says the company’s board of directors, referring to the company’s principle:“ If we introduce a new technology, we must also bring something new to the market. That’s always been the case with Ferrari. The evolution of new technology is 100 percent in Ferrari’s DNA. ” 

According to Autocar, a battery-powered Italian sports car cannot be expected before 2025.