The Japanese manufacturer also puts its cars in a single pool with Tesla to avoid penalties for polluting emissions. More money in Musk’s coffers

credit to the owner

In mid-October we discovered that Fiat Chrysler would have been saved from the European Union fines on polluting emissions, thanks to the decision, taken months ago, to formally merge the fleet with that of Tesla. The procedure, obviously subject to a fee, will now also be followed by Honda, to avoid the same penalties.

The Japanese manufacturer has in fact recently changed its approach, and introduced the small electric Honda E , whose sales volumes, however, will not be sufficient to reduce the average emissions of the brand.

Hence, therefore, the decision to copy FCA’s move, and carry out an operational merger of the fleets with Tesla which, for obvious reasons, has abundant credits to sell. There is no information on what will end up in Elon Musk’s coffers.

It is fair to point out that not all manufacturers are struggling with the new limits. Volvo will also arrive at the end of the year in an even advantage on the edge, and for this reason, it has already closed a monetary agreement to improve Ford’s position.