How Tesla could build new Model Y manufacturing in 6 months. A tent in Texas?

In China, it took Tesla less than a year after the groundbreaking in early 2019 to deliver the first Model 3 from the local Gigafactory to customers. At the German Giga Berlin, things will have to go just as quickly if, according to the Brandenburg state government, it plans to produce from summer 2021. But neither is anything against what Tesla is now planning to do in Texas, according to a blog report : Not even the final location has yet been determined, but the first Model Y should be produced there before the end of this year. It would be conceivable that Tesla again relies on a tent building.

Blog came before Tesla boss

In fact, CEO Elon Musk wanted to announce in which state the fifth Tesla gigafactory he mentioned earlier this year is coming ; it should be ready this May or July at the latest. On Friday, however, the blog Electrek got ahead of him and reported that the Tesla factory for Model Y and the Cybertruck would definitely be built in Texas near the city of Austin; the final decision on location options will be made soon.

As Electrek also reported, the Giga Austin is expected to produce Model Y before the end of the year, which Musk says earlier will be delivered to the U.S. East Coast. That left little more than seven months to build at least a first production line in Texas – according to the blog, the rest of the factory should not be finished by then. So it would be conceivable that Tesla initially uses a tent structure, especially since according to Electrek bodies for the Model Y from Texas should initially be delivered from Fremont.

Because to amuse some critics , Tesla had such a structure built in Fremont in mid-2018 in order to increase the production of the Model 3, which could not be automated as much as CEO Musk had planned. The initially mocked “tent” turned out to be very helpful and still houses a production line for the basic Tesla.

Space for tent and Tesla cyber truck

Shortly after Tesla’s Corona forced closure at the end of March, Electrek also reported that Tesla wanted to use it to increase capacity for Model Y in Fremont ; among other things, the construction of another tent structure is said to have been requested. Nothing was heard of it later. But at the beginning of May, Musk got into a serious dispute with the responsible County Alameda over the continued ban on Fremont production. He wrote, among other things, that the lock was “the last straw” for his decision to move Tesla headquarters out of California – perhaps to Texas.

In this respect, it would be conceivable that Musk not only did not get the restart of the electric car production in Fremont approved at the beginning of May, but also the tent construction. After the dispute with Alameda, there is said to have been a conversation between the Tesla chief and the governor of Texas, which was now followed by Electrek information about the upcoming state commitment. And a place for the rapid construction of such a structure should be easy to find in huge Texas, along with even more space for cyber truck production.