Like Tesla: GM also wants to have the one million mile battery ready soon

GM has spoken out after a report that Tesla plans to install its Million Miles battery in Model 3 at the end of the year. You will soon have such a battery ready.

GM: On the home straight with a million miles battery

Doug Parks, vice president of GM, said in an interview with investors that the company would soon complete the development of an electric car battery that will last one million miles. Parks did not provide a concrete schedule for completion. Just so much: Many different teams at GM would work on cobalt-free electrodes, solid electrolytes and quick-charge functions.

In March, GM launched Ultium, a modular battery system in which six, eight, ten or twelve modules can be combined to form a pack. Batteries from the joint venture with LG Chem are to be used. Their cells are said to have a cobalt content reduced by 70 percent. GM claims to have reduced the costs to below $ 100 per kilowatt hour. US media, however, speculated on a value of $ 120.

Electric car battery: $ 100 per kilowatt hour

The $ 100 per kilowatt hour, along with the durability of one million miles, are considered necessary to manufacture an electric car as cheaply as a combustion engine. Tesla should succeed with the new batteries. The electric car pioneer also works with the Chinese company CATL.

GM also has supply contracts with CATL, at least in China. According to the GM manager Parks, the group is working on batteries that are said to be even more powerful than the new Ultium batteries. However, it is not yet known whether these would arise in cooperation with LG Chem or CATL and which technology and materials the group specifically uses for the million miles battery.