Mysterious tower appears at Tesla charging station: Now the Internet is puzzling

Usually, the individual Tesla charging stations don’t differ much from each other. In the Canadian province of Ontario, however, has an ominous tower appeared right next to the quick loaders? The wildest theories are circulating on the web, what could it be about?

A few days ago, Twitter user TESLA London HW3.0 posted a photo of the white wonder bar and tweeted directly to the Tesla CEO: “Hi @elonmusk, I know that you are totally busy, but what is this cool new thing besides the superchargers in London Ontario besides a lantern? ”There seems to be disagreement about the purpose of the tower. “It would be cool if a holographic Tesla logo would shine out of the top of the tower,” said said user of his own tweet.  

“They stacked the transformers on top of each other. This takes up less space and also serves as a lamppost, ”says another member. Still others tap on the wifi antenna, 5G mast or landing platform for alien warships. 

The community of the social network Reddit has similar crazy ideas . “You can charge your electric car wirelessly with it,” writes one user. Some are convinced that it is a battery storage system. 

“Maybe it could also be the foundation for a solar system,” another Reddit user posted. One member’s benefits are only secondary: “Whatever it is, it at least looks nice.”