In the US and Europe, many Tesla buyers complain about minor and major manufacturing defects in their electric cars, but surveys show that a large majority of them are no less than enthusiastic about them. That begs the exciting question of what will happen when Tesla also gets quality under control. This should soon become apparent in China because according to a new ranking, Model 3 from the local Gigafactory is by far the best.

Tesla Model 3 further improved

In an evaluation by the Chinese portal CheZhiWang in the past third quarter of 2020, the Tesla Model 3 only had 0.3 defects per 10,000 vehicles, a linguistic Twitter user reported on Monday. That is an almost sensationally low value, taken in isolation as well as about the reports of defects in Tesla’s new vehicles in the USA. And Tesla has significantly improved the Model 3 compared to the already excellent second quarter.

At that time, 0.7 defects per 10,000 new Tesla Model 3 were reported – six times less than the runner-up in the list of 38 sedans widely used in China. In the new evaluation, Tesla errors were a good 50 percent less frequent. At the same time, a second electric car achieved a similarly good value as the Model 3 in the previous quarter: According to CheZhiWang, the Mini EV from Wuling Hongguang only had 0.6 defects per 10,000 new vehicles in Q3. The tiny electric car at prices below 7000 dollars is very popular in China, making it number 2 worldwide in September.

The first combustion engine in the new ranking, on the other hand, has a brand-new ten times as many defects as the Tesla Model 3: the Toyota Yaris with a rate of 3.2 per 10,000. In China, Tesla does not only seem to have a head start in electric car technology, but also in classic quality.

Teslas from China for Europe

European customers could also be happy about this. First of all, it suggests that quality problems are not an integral part of the system at Tesla, but are far less common in newer and less overcrowded electric car plants than the one in Fremont – this should then also succeed in the German Gigafactory near Berlin. And secondly, Europe should soon get its first shipload of Tesla Model 3 from China and maybe more later, including the Model Y.