Manila, Philippines – Compared to Tesla Model S and Model 3, even in their performance versions, the Porsche Taycan is certainly the most sporty electric car. However, the most affordable and therefore the closest-priced Taycan 4S variant on the quarter mile is the slowest in the trio. This emerges from a current comparison test by YouTubers. This confirmed the problems with the stability of older Tesla Model S performance – but the performance of the Model 3 was even more stable than that of the Porsche.

Porsche Taycan against two Teslas

The Tesla vs. Porsche comparison has now been published by Tesla-Cars Belarus channel. The two drivers respond to alleged statements from Porsche that the Taycan is performing better than the Tesla Model S. In fact, the German company had reported before the market launch of its first electric car and had shown that the Taycan accelerated several times in succession is able to . The connection to the known slowing performance at Tesla was not made by Porsche itself, but by observers.

In any case, the YouTubers want to know how well the Taycan really holds out compared to Tesla Model S and Model 3 performance and what the times are. As one of them explains, he specifically bought a Porsche Taycan 4S, the smallest version that is at least not significantly more expensive than a Model S Performance. A Tesla Model 3, however, costs hardly more than half as much as an absolute basic Taycan, even in the performance version (and in Germany, the Tesla will soon be able to deduct the environmental bonus, which will rise to 6,000 euros ).

For the comparison, the YouTubers wanted each of the three electric cars to travel a quarter mile (a good 400 meters) ten times as quickly as possible; the results were measured after the video with light barrier technology, so should be quite accurate. And they show: None of the trio accelerated as quickly as the Tesla Model S Performance. In the first run it took 11.148 seconds for the quarter mile and it went up to 187.5 km / h. The Porsche Taycan needed at least a second longer, the Tesla Model 3 Performance almost half a second.

Tesla Model 3 Performance

The Model S is an older version of the Raven version launched in spring 2019, in which Tesla recently updated the temperature with a software update . And in fact, this Tesla is the fastest, and it eases the most over the ten attempts. From the fifth, it becomes significantly slower, which is particularly evident in the top speed of just 175 km / h. With the Porsche Taycan 4S, on the other hand, quarter-mile times and top speeds remain in a much narrower.

The most constant, however, was the test according to the YouTubers, the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which has a more modern battery than the Model S. Apart from an outlier with 12.2 seconds on the sixth attempt (however, only eight are listed without explanation). The quarter-mile times fluctuate only at the second decimal place – sometimes it is 11.632 seconds, sometimes 11.650 seconds. The final speed is 186.2 km / h even with five attempts in succession.