Manila, Philippines – Rivian would be designing its own charging network, focused in remote and off-road places, on the style of the Tesla Supercharger and to do so it hires just those who had worked with Elon Musk.

Rivian seems to have decided to follow Tesla on the road to creating a proprietary charging network for its customers. To ensure that battery-powered cars can really spread, one of the biggest problems concerns the availability of energy supply points. If it is true that many owners of electric models power their vehicles at home before leaving, it is equally true that when you have to travel long, you often come across the lack of infrastructure or malfunctioned charging stations.

Tesla has solved these problems by creating the Supercharger network, high-power stations where its cars can quickly recharge and then set off again. It seems that Rivian wants to follow this path. The source reports that the American brand would be working on its network called “Rivian Adventure Network” and to do so it would have already hired several people. 

The name chosen for the network would not be random. Given the nature of its vehicles, pickups and SUVs , these charging points would be located inside, for example, parks, parking areas for campers and in remote areas. The stations Rivian has in mind to build will have a maximum power of 200 kW and each column will be able to recharge up to 2 vehicles in direct current in parallel. 

This is more than enough power since the R1T electric pickup seen for the first time at the end of 2018 is able to recharge up to 160 kW. The first sites are expected to be available next year, probably in Moab, Utah.