The NASA astronauts are preparing to test the SpaceX spacecraft to Elon Musk on the first mission “all-American” with crew in almost a decade.

The two space heroes, Rob Behnken and Doug Hurley , will travel to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX rocket plus on a bold mission full of risks.

Behnken and Hurley will be shipped into orbit on May 27 aboard a spaceship built by the California space company SpaceX, to then face “a long stay at the space station,” said NASA .

Space X astronauts, what they are called and what they will do on the International Space Station

The specific duration of the mission has yet to be determined. Both Behnken , 49, and Hurley , 53, underwent extensive training before the historic mission and have a lot of space flight experience.

Born in St. Anne, Missouri, Behnken had previously worked for the US Air Force before joining NASA. “Behnken will be the joint operations commander for the mission, responsible for activities such as the appointment, docking and unhooking, as well as Demo-2 activities while the spaceship is anchored at the space station,” NASA specified .

Fellow crew member Hurley was born in New York and was previously a combat pilot for the United States Marine Corps. “Hurley will be the spacecraft commander for Demo-2, responsible for activities such as launch, landing and recovery,” explained NASA.