Elon Musk said that SpaceX is starting the program to build offshore spaceports. You can go to any city on Earth in an hour.

Yesterday another bomb arrived, as usual dropped by Elon Musk via Twitter. Taking advantage of the post of the specialized site SpaceXfleet.com, which had found a job announcement, Musk clarified that SpaceX is starting the program for the construction of floating spaceports.

So not only launching platforms, but also landing, exactly as happens today with the recovery barges of Falcon 9, “Of course I still love you”, and “Just Read the Instructions”.

The job offer explicitly describes an employment in a development team for offshore operations, to build missile launch facilities. According to what was clarified later by Musk, these should serve for future launches addressed to Mars, on the return to the Moon, but also for hypersonic journeys to Earth .

By hypersonic travel we mean a speed equal to at least five times Mach 1, and which would allow us to reach any point on the planet in less than an hour .

The possibility of launching from the sea is not a project that comes up for the first time, but it is a technique already taken into consideration by SpaceX and other companies. High-speed travel on Earth, on the other hand, is new, if we exclude the “tourist” launches that we have often heard of.