Manila, Philippines – News arrives from the United States until a few days ago deemed impossible: despite the forced closure of the factories, Tesla is recovering and could close Q2 near the record.

Elon Musk has spurred his men to give everything for the closing of deliveries as the end of the second quarter is approaching, and it seems that they have taken him at his word, even more than in the past. Tesla, like all other manufacturers in the world, suffered from the Covid-19 crisis, and above all from the closure of the only factory that supplies the cars to the whole West , that of Fremont in California.

Now the factory is back on stream, albeit with due sanitary restrictions, but despite this the analysts gave the second quarter for “passed off”, with total deliveries between 60,000 and 70,000, definitely below the more than 110,000 that the house had been capable of. months ago.

But in the last few days, several voices have begun to accumulate which speak instead of a very different situation, with deliveries in North America that are quickly recovering lost ground, with 50,000 cars in the hands of customers and at least 10,000 in transit towards the final operations.

This would bring, adding the European deliveries and the extraordinary production of the Chinese factory , to numbers close to 100,000 cars , in practice very close to the record, and in any case higher than the 95,000 of the last Q2 2019. In practice in a collapsing market, which more or less wherever complaining losses between 35% and 50% of turnover, Tesla would be the only company to stand out.