Elon Musk announces the arrival, in beta, of the new version of the driving assistance system. It will be a very important leap forward, he said. Testers will be selected by Tesla based on experience and attention to driving.

A very important leap forward. This is how Elon Musk defined the updated version of the Autopilot driver assistance system. A leap into the future that, for some, will take place as early as next week.

Indeed, the eclectic South African entrepreneur has made it known that the new “Full Self-Driving” system will be released to a small circle of drivers starting from the 20th of October.

Musk specifies, however, that the released version will be a beta, missing some functions, and will be sent, in fact, only to a small circle of drivers selected by Tesla. A group of testers judged, according to some parameters, expert and attentive .

There is not much information about the new version of Autopilot. What is known is that it will be a complete rewrite of the software and not a simple update. The rumors speak of a much better management of intersections , and an increasingly extensive synergy with the satellite navigator.

The update will be released to the testers via over the air, and if all the checks go the right way, it is reasonable to expect the arrival to the general public for the month of December.