Tesla studies the possibility of becoming an energy supplier in Europe, offering photovoltaic, storage and electric car charging in one package.

Tesla doesn’t just sell cars. Among the various sectors in which it operates, domestic energy is perhaps the one with the widest growth margins. After launching its photovoltaic products, both solar panels, and tiles, and after the famous PowerWall accumulation, Musk’s company is studying the possibility of offering all its assets in a single offer, even becoming an electricity provider in the world.

It would be a very important step, which would allow Tesla to manage all the variables in an integrated way, including the charging of electric cars. The novelty was discovered through a survey that the same company distributed to customers in Germany, with questions that left room for few doubts:

Let’s say your car is charged every morning to meet your daily needs. Under what conditions would you allow Tesla to control the charging time of your car so that it is charged for your daily needs and to offer you a cheaper electric rate? Options include:
“If there is a clear financial benefit for me”
“If there are other benefits such as free or cheaper charging at home or on public charging stations”
“If it helps increase the share of renewables in the mix energetic

According to the scheme indicated here, Tesla could try, as has repeatedly emerged in the past, to control the production of renewable energy, directing it where it is needed to meet the needs of customers, thus controlling the various systems remotely, including domestic storage, and offering so green energy and affordable rates.

To do this, the hypothetical customer would be invited to purchase the entire energy package, i.e. a photovoltaic system, the PowerWall storage, and the Tesla Wall Charger.