Tesla’s particular electric pickup could become smaller to suit different European roads. Word of Elon Musk

Tesla Cybertruck is probably the vehicle that has made the most discussion in the last twenty years, because of its appearance, the materials, and finally also the size. Not that this is strange for Americans, used to huge pick-ups and vans, a situation that is different for Europe, where historic centers and city streets are less suited to a decidedly over sized vehicle.

Elon Musk is aware of this and most likely, after putting aside the idea of ​​reducing its size in the United States, he turned the project for a smaller version dedicated to the Old Continent. He talked about it, although not quite explicitly, with a fan on Twitter:

So there is a concrete possibility that, once landed in our latitudes, the Cybertruck could be different from the American one, even if the timing of all this is absolutely uncertain, given that the factory where it will be produced is for now a simple excavation.

Then there would be the question of design to hold the ground in Europe, given the more or less dangerous edges, angles and surfaces. In short, the European road to the Tesla Cybertruck is far from free of obstacles.