Manila, Philippines – The electric pickup could become the perfect vehicle for space exploration. A designer tried to imagine its appearance.

Tesla Cybertruck, Elon Musk’s electric pickup, is certainly destined to change the category of pick-up truck forever. Someone imagines that its impact will not be limited to Earth, but can also go further, in space missions.

We already know that Cybertruck will be produced with technologies also used for SpaceX spacecraft , as regards the metal used for the body. Elon Musk himself told that it is also possible to use for future missions in space, so a designer, Charlie Automotive, has tried to imagine the vehicle in a specially modified guise.

The wheels increase in size, and at the rear wheel also increase in number, while the tires we find covers to facilitate movement in all directions on rough terrain.

The “bed” of the pick-up is used for the transport of communication material, and obviously the vehicle would also have the modification for watertight seal. The artist’s imagination stops at lunar missions, while CEO Musk has already spoken on several occasions about missions to Mars , his dream and his goal. Will we ever see him on the Red Planet?