Tesla in particular benefits from the German electric car premium

In view of the Corona crisis, fewer and fewer consumers are applying for the subsidy to buy an electric car. The number drops by almost half. But Elon Musk’s company gets off more lightly than the German competition.

The corona pandemic is causing a significant slump in applications for an electric car premium. In April, the responsible Federal Office of Economics and Export Control recorded 6483 new applications for state funding. This almost halved the number compared to the previous month. Almost 12,000 new applications were received in March. The premium had been increased to up to 6000 euros in February.

However, not all manufacturers are equally affected by the drop in applications. The American electric car maker Tesla in particular continues to be one of the manufacturers who benefit disproportionately from the support provided by the German state.

Now Tesla is pulling its biggest trump card against Daimler, VW and BMW
Tesla again increased its share of the total number of applications in April. While the number of bonuses applied for rose last month by just under 3.4 percent to a good 198,000, the number of Tesla owners who applied for a bonus increased by more than five percent to almost 13,500.

This means that around 6.8 percent of all electric and hybrid vehicles for which the so-called environmental bonus has been applied are now manufactured by Tesla. A year ago, the share of Elon Musk’s company was only 4.3 percent. Overall, Tesla’s market share of new vehicle registrations in Germany was only 0.5 percent in the first four months of the year.