Manila, Philippines – Tesla’s numbers are still growing, with a sharp surge immediately after the post coronavirus recovery. The stock now exceeds 170 billion in capitalization

Like the entire automotive sector, Tesla also had a bad time during the crisis caused by the coronavirus. Now, with the markets gradually returning to normal, car production has also resumed at a rapid pace. For Elon Musk’s company, an (unexpected?) Surprise comes from China, where the request has reached new peaks.

We have seen in recent weeks how production in the Chinese Gigafactory had exceeded 3,000 units every 7 days, and the reason is soon said. In March, approximately 10,000 Tesla Model 3 delivered to China, followed by a foreseeable collapse in April. But in May, everything returned to its best, with a new record of 11,095 deliveries.

The growth is obviously to be considered in a general restart of the transport sector in China, but it is clear that the Chinese factory is going beyond all expectations. In total, in the second quarter it could bring more than 25,000 deliveries to Tesla , effectively saving the financial results that will inevitably be affected by the lockdown.

As expected, the good news was welcomed by the stock exchange, with the TSLA title still growing. At the time of writing, the shares earned over $ 42, peaking at $ 933, for a capitalization of $ 172 billion.