This is revealed by a new job position, for future designers who will range from electric cars to spaceships for Mars

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A couple of days ago SpaceX tested a prototype of the future Starship, the spacecraft that will be flying to the Moon and Mars. It was a rather raw reproduction, just slightly reminiscent of the style used in the digital rendering presentation. Today we discover that, as demonstrated by a new job place, Tesla’s may be called into the final design.

Tesla, in fact, looking for new experts, specifies that the tasks for future designers who will range from electric cars to spaceships for Mars. The growing collaboration between the two Elon Musk companies is therefore evident

Using your considerable experience in manufacturing design and innovative thinking, you will primarily be assigned the task of creating designs for future cars, but you may also be called in for other design tasks (product design, spaceship design, etc.) Based on your skills. Our design team prides itself on being multifaceted and flexible, and we seek the same in our potential candidates

To date, the collaboration is already active on several fronts. Batteries derived from Tesla cars have been used on some SpaceX rockets, as well as the rockets used by SpaceX could become an option for the super acceleration of the new Roadster. In addition, the bodywork of the Cybertruck electric pick-up is made with a special metal processing, which is also used for spaceships.