Tesla is ready to go: County clears production in Fremont after police control

The quarrels between CEO Elon Musk and County Alameda over the reopening of Tesla’s electric car factory in Fremont appear to be over. After the Tesla boss independently announced the restart of production at the beginning of last week , the health authority only threatened to intervene, but then largely gave in. As CNBC reports, Fremont police went on a pre-booked inspection visit to the Tesla plant on Wednesday – and then they released for unrestricted production starting this week.

Tesla boss defied launch ban

On Saturday, Tesla informed employees in the Fremont factory by email that the county had approved the extended corona security measures, reports the Bloomberg agency . There is now nothing standing in the way of a full resumption of production, a Tesla HR manager is said to have written.

And after Tesla CEO Musk, with clear words and recent threats against the county, asked for a quick release, he shouldn’t waste any time now making use of it. In fact, the Tesla boss had made no restriction on his statement last week that production would start again in Fremont. Also , according to the CNBC report were worked there in recent days in part again in almost packed layers. The Fremont police also said that there was no investigation.

Stress around Tesla due to fewer days

Officially, until the Alameda release on Wednesday , Tesla was only allowed a “minimal basic operation” , compliance with which was checked by the Fremont police, according to the CNBC. Even though vans full of Model 3 were already leaving the Tesla factory on Monday, as reported on Twitter , the officials reported back to the county that, in their opinion, Tesla had not yet fully resumed operations.

Ultimately, however, the conflict, which was particularly sharply led by Musk, was probably only about a few days, as is increasingly evident. Now it should be over and Tesla will again produce electric cars at full power to make up for the lost weeks. It helps that, according to reports, the production of batteries for the Tesla Model 3 in the Gigafactory Navada could now start again.