Manila, Philippines – The latest arrival of the Tesla house is giving some headaches, as well as having a lower demand than expected

According to Elon Musk, Model Y should become Tesla’s most successful car, an opinion shared by many specialists in the sector. Yet the new electric SUV is giving the Californian company some headaches. We find out from a letter from Musk himself, addressed to the employees of the Fremont factory, in which some assembly problems are mentioned, for which corrections are then necessary, once the car leaves the production chain. Elon Musk urges employees to do better, to minimize production delays.

Exemplary products, however, it is not clear how long they can go into the hands of future owners, as another novelty of these days leaves the doubt that the demand for the Model Y is not at the desired levels. Tesla, in fact, added the latest addition to the referral program, or that sort of sponsorship from customers, to bring new buyers.

Historically Tesla has used the referral program to generate more demand, such as done with Model 3, added when the request was slowly decreasing. Does having already added Model Y really mean that you already want to attract more customers? It has already been included in Italy too, but delivery will not take place before 2021, given that the European Model Y will arrive from the German factory, of which only the leveled ground exists for now.