Elon Musk’s April joke in 2018 was in some ways a complete hit. One day after April 1, he published a post on Twitter according to which he was found unconscious in the middle of “Teslaquilla” bottles because Tesla was broke in every way; a photo showed him leaning against a black Tesla with a cardboard sign that reads “bankwupt”. That was so exaggerated that it couldn’t really be taken seriously, but the stock market responded anyway with a fall in Tesla’s share price. Musk later announced that at least the Tesla tequila should become a reality in the joke – and now the special drop is actually there.

Tesla tequila sold out quickly

In the Tesla shop there, a product called Tesla Tequila appeared without notice, for the whopping price of $ 250 per bottle with 750 milliliters and only available in some states. But neither that nor the high price seemed to deter anyone: On the same night, the TESLAQUILA was already out of stock, according to the website.

It is also advertised with melodious words. It is an exclusive premium tequila that has matured in oak barrels, with dry fruit and light vanilla note and a balanced finish with cinnamon and pepper, according to the Tesla shop. And above all the packaging is spectacular: The slightly golden schnapps is in a lightning-shaped bottle, which is held by a metal base with the Tesla logo. It is produced by Nosotros Tequila and is also informed in smaller print.

With the Tequila, Elon Musk is not announcing for the first time that almost only fans took seriously before. With his side company Boring, he briefly offered a flamethrower for $ 500. It wasn’t a real weapon, and to allay government concerns, Musk renamed the product “not-a-flamethrower”. The Tesla tequila is likely to be less critical in this regard but is only offered in US states that allow the shipment of alcoholic beverages.

But if you’re willing to pay the $250 teslaquila, you can expect it to ship by the end of 2020.