It seems centuries have passed since Musk ‘s appearance in the Iron Man 2 movie, but now the aforementioned electric jet doesn’t seem an unlikely thing anymore, the research team at Tesla is certain.

Iron Man 2 is a 2010 film and Elon Musk was not as well known as he is today at the time. Certainly the South African businessman had already hit significant milestones, but his most significant invention, Tesla, was in its infancy.

But his notoriety was enough for him to carve out an appearance with Tony Stark in the Marvel cine comic, with very brief meeting. Ironically, Musk is now a “true Tony Stark” Stark praises the electric cars in the short lines, and Musk points out that he has an electric jet project in mind, and snatches the pledge to put it on the construction site.

Due to the new data exposed by Jeff Dahn’s research team, who collaborated with Tesla for some time, the topic has returned to topicality in recent days. Thanks to the use of an electrolyte added with lithium difluoro, borate, and lithium tetrafluoroborate salts, the latest battery produced by the researchers has no lithium in the anode.

This technology would allow the energy density to reach 360 Wh / kg, very close to the 400 Wh / kg which, according to Musk himself, could lead to electric aircraft development.

In particular, the reference is to VTOL (vertical take-off) that many start-ups are planning for city flights or autonomous flying taxis. However, the work that Dahn and Co. is certainly not finished with, as these batteries currently only have a useful life of 200 cycles.