A private individual has created an American comics in which reality and fantasy mix, between the achievements of Elon Musk and the Starman mannequin who becomes a superhero.

California Tesla club president My Tesla Adventure, Eli Burton, wanted to create something unique in the landscape of fans of Elon Musk and his companies and the inspiration came after seeing the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, which brought the Roadster in orbit with the mannequin nicknamed Starman at the wheel. The inanimate pilot has thus become the protagonist of comic stories, in full American style, transforming himself into a superhero who promotes sustainable energy.

The stories, The Adventures of Starman, are a sort of mix between reality and fantasy. Alongside the narrative of Elon Musk’s exploits, Starman’s missions come to life. And the enemy could only be the Big Oil lobby, so much so that the second chapter is entitled Big Oil Strikes Back.

The comics can be found on various e-commerce sites that deal with aftermarket products for Tesla cars, or on the official website of the project, where gadgets, posters and signed and numbered copies have also been added. This is because the operation, although started by a private individual, then involved prestigious brands in the American comics scene, with the artist Dash Martin, a designer and colorist with a spectacular trait (as can be seen from his works) specializing in Marvel characters and DC Comics. This is Burton’s thought:

My vision for Starman is that it becomes more than a moment, but a movement. I see it as a movement in which people like me who are inspired by the current space revolution strive to do their best for human progress towards space. I have taken an artistic approach because art has the ability to inspire people, especially children like my daughter, to study hard and to work towards STEM careers – this is a must if we want to conquer the last frontier of our life . I also hope that Starman’s adventures will help stimulate public support for space exploration, which is the hero we need to continue dreaming of a better future.

At the moment there are two books published, the first simply titled The Adventures of Starman, limited to a circulation of 5,000 copies, at a cost of $ 19.99, or $ 24.99 for the signed copy. The second number, the one mentioned above, is available with the same options, and in addition also the signed and numbered version, in only 100 copies, at the price of 49.99 dollars. The third issue, Operation Darkstone, is in pre-order face, which offers many purchase options, with posters, signed copies, ultra rare versions, packages with all the numbers and more. We refer to the page to know all the possibilities.