Michael Rihani, Apple Pay manager before, and Apple Card and Apple Cash now, switch to Tesla to deal with the Supercharger user experience.

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After four years spent at Apple, dealing with Apple Pay, Apple Card and Apple Cash projects, Michael Rihani has announced the transition to Tesla from his Linkedin profile.

The expert manager will go on to act as Product Manager for the Supercharger Experience. Tesla’s aim is to try to improve the user experience of the proprietary charging network as much as possible, right now that the number of cars on the road is increasing rapidly.

In some areas of the United States it already happens that you have to wait for your turn to Supercharger, and this will be one of the first problems that Rihani will have to try to solve. The second novelty is the introduction of paid top-up for many cars, to which individual problems are linked.

In the same announcement, the new Tesla member also announced that several hiring are in progress, all connected in some way to the growth of the top-up network.