The Tesla grin is now also available from Porsche – this shows and tells the driver of a Porsche Taycan Turbo S in a new video. It always occurs when you carelessly press the power pedal in a powerful electric car like the German one because the Then acceleration is overwhelming. Tesla drivers in particular of the performance versions have known this feeling for a long time, Porsche is now delivering it. In fact, the fastest Tesla and the (about twice as expensive) Taycan are very close to each other in a direct sprint comparison, as the video shows.

Third test Tesla against Porsche

The comparison between Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Tesla Model S Performance now published on YouTube is not the first, but perhaps the most competent, in terms of handling the Tesla. In a test by Top Gear at the launch of the Taycan, the German sports electric car was well ahead of the Tesla, which missed the factory specifications for acceleration. Data inconsistencies were later reported, and doubts were raised as to whether the latest Raven version of the Tesla was really used. In a comparison by Car and Driver from February, the Taycan sprinted to 100 km / h faster than the Model S by a tenth of a second. Here connoisseurs described the finding as unbelievable that the Tesla slowed down a lot on the third attempt.

Time for another comparison, this time from Brooks Weisblat, who had uncovered the mistakes in testing Top Gear . The YouTuber has a garage full of hot cars including an old Tesla Roadster and has produced test videos with other Teslas several times – most recently about the new “cheetah” mode for Model S and Model X Performance, which rounds out the top models in April 55 HP more battery power and a crouched posture for quick starts .

At this software version, the newest and best, which Tesla also introduced improved heat management, is the Model S Performance, which takes on a Porsche Taycan Turbo S in Weisblat’s latest video. A friend who has just bought the German car comes by for a couple of duels. Because racing circuits in California are closed, they take place on an empty freeway “somewhere in Mexico”, according to the inset.

These were not exactly the circumstances that the YouTuber had in mind for its definitive comparison of the two electric cars. Precise measurements were therefore not possible, only direct sprint duels that depend heavily on the reactions of the respective drivers. Likewise, no recordings of the instruments are shown inside, possibly in order not to document traffic offenses in public.

Tesla below faster, Porsche above

Nevertheless, after four attempts, a picture emerges: The performance Tesla , upgraded with the latest cheetah software, comes off a little faster. The driver of the Model S seems to react earlier at the second start from a standing position, but unlike the first attempt, when the Porsche started first and the Tesla came briefly closer, the Taycan cannot catch up at first. The Porsche only benefits from its second gear at (unknown) higher speeds. The same happens with two rolling starts from 20 miles an hour: the Porsche driver reacts earlier, but the Model S catches up and then loses; the second time the Tesla is right in front, but is just overtaken in the end.

“The Porsche Taycan definitely has more power upwards than the Tesla,” summarizes the YouTuber back in the garage. He is already excited to see how the comparison of the electric sports car and the sedan will turn out on a real drag route – there may be another software update for Performance Teslas by then.