Manila, Philippines – We need to write down the information available at this time, in view of the launch of the SpaceX Dragon rocket, scheduled today 31 May after the postponement of three days ago due to adverse weather conditions. All fans, but also those who are simply curious, want to understand what the take-off time is here in the Philippines, but above all how to watch the event in live streaming after the information that had also published on our pages on Wednesday.

Timetable and how to watch the launch of the SpaceX Dragon rocket live streaming today May 30th

In short, there are two crucial pieces of information to not miss a minute of the launch of the SpaceX Dragon rocket scheduled for Saturday. As for the live streaming of the event , at the moment a specific video has not been launched to incorporate in our article. We hope this will happen shortly when we update the article and make your life easier. However, it is sufficient to monitor the Youtube channel specifically launched for this project. Here you will find the special box just available.

As for the launch time of the SpaceX Dragon rocket, synchronize your watches at 3:22 a.m in the Philippines. This will be the crucial moment for all those who want to follow an event that has been talked about for several weeks now. In short, in the current state of events there are all the prerequisites for enjoying an excellent show, waiting for this evening’s appointment.

In short, now you have no more excuses. You have the basic information to follow the take off of the SpaceX Dragon rocket in live streaming. The launch this time should take place without problems, as there are the best possible climatic conditions today May 31th. Are you ready for tonight’s appointment? As soon as we have updates on live playback we will try to update our article.