Tesla has given the Model X, which is somewhat playful anyway, a special extra: With the right combination of commands and enough space in the area, you can get the electric car to play music and to light up its lights and let its doors flutter . With Xpeng, in turn, a local company is now entering the Chinese market, which Tesla is openly using as a role model – maybe even a little more. From June, his E-Sedan P7 is to be delivered, which with a range of over 700 kilometers, despite the lower price, should exceed the Tesla Model 3. And for this electric car, Xpeng has now published a video that clearly borrows from the Tesla Model X show.

Show mimics Tesla – autopilot too?

Copying and developing as far as possible is not a shame in China, unlike in the West. In the case of Xpeng, however, which otherwise aligns its P7 in a technically recognizable way based on the US model, it went too far in Tesla’s opinion. At least five former employees are said to be employed at Xpeng today, and one of them is accused of having brought code for Tesla’s autopilot system to his new employer . Tesla demands that Xpeng’s code for autonomous driving should be examined for possible copies, but the Chinese have so far refused.

Preparations for the market launch of Tesla competitor P7 continued in the meantime, also on the marketing side. First discovered by the YouTube channel E for Electric, Xpeng published a video that, according to the description, shows the Tesla competitor in a “light dance”.

As has been noted many times on Twitter, this is an exaggeration in that the electric car does not move itself or any attachments such as doors or mirrors. Only the stereo system and the front lights including indicators are in action, at least in a continuous band, the elements of which can be controlled individually, as the video shows. A more dramatic disco interpretation of a piano concerto sounds out of the loudspeakers, the lights glow, blink and run in a well-coordinated manner.

Later radio update as with Tesla

None of this changes the fact that the Xpeng P7 doesn’t really dance, unlike the Model X. But the pure light show from China is also worth seeing and the Tesla association is not far, as Twitter comments also showed. As the blog InsideEVs reports , the China electric car will initially be delivered without the elaborate light organ effect. Later, however, Xpeng will deliver more complex music and light shows – like the model Tesla via radio update.